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168 Trading Limited is a Gibraltar Private Fund trading cryptocurrency and related derivatives. Our core strategies are arbitrage positions, term structure trading through futures contracts and overnight funding management. The Fund employs proprietary quantitative analysis and algorithms to achieve the goal of consistent profitability.

Trading Digital Assets

168 hours per week – 52 weeks per year 

Who we are

168 Trading Limited is a Private Fund domiciled in our home country of Gibraltar. Our team unites decades of experience in financial trading and technical expertise.

What we do

Our focus is to conduct niche and highly technical strategies within the nascent cryptocurrency markets. We capitalize by focusing on market inefficiencies and pricing discrepancies in the cryptocurrency realm via non-directional strategies through the utilization of specialized software and proprietary algorithms. This approach complemented by robust due diligence procedures and operational controls has enabled us to effectively control risk and deliver consistent positive returns.

We have access to all major cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide and have established solid relationships providing preferential rates and services. At the heart of our strategy lies our proprietary risk and trade identification model developed over many years using both crypto research and extensive trading experience in the traditional markets. As we solely engage in arbitrage and similar strategies we maintain a directionally neutral market position. We welcome volatility by profiting on price differences across global markets.

Key fund features


Low-risk strategy

Proven low latency software enables fast hedging to counteract the effects of large or sudden moves in the market

Trusted 3rd Parties

Regulated, reputable and well established third party services providers

Global trading

Trading across all major exchanges

Experienced team

Extensive experience of the nascent cryptocurrency markets, together with a full career history trading traditional markets

Low cost structure

Structured cost effectively and efficiently, with minimum outgoings and no management fees


Monthly redemptions and no lockups to enable liquidity to our investors

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